Parents Are Seriously Relating To This ‘Children’s Clothing Ad’ From ‘SNL’

This hilarious Macy's commercial parody captures the horrors of dressing kids during the holidays.

’Tis the season for visiting Santa, baking cookies, trimming the tree and, as this hilarious “Saturday Night Live” sketch notes, “wrestling your wiggly little monster into thick winter clothes.”

The “Children’s Clothing Ad” is a hilarious Macy’s commercial parody that captures all the annoyances that parents deal with as they try to dress their kids in festive outfits for the holiday season.

The spoof ad promotes great deals on products like “snow boots that are so hard to put on, it’ll strain your marriage” and “precious winter onesies with so many tiny buttons and snaps, you’ll let your baby sit in a loaded diaper for hours just to avoid putting it back on.”

Parents on social media clearly found the struggles depicted in the “SNL” clip relatable, from cramming kids into uncomfortable sweaters they hate to failing to remove stubborn rompers in time to reach the potty to dealing with winter coats in car seats.

The spoof ad concludes with a heartwarming message that shows why all the cries of “it itches!” are worth it:

“We know it’s awful for them and for you, but one day they’ll be too old to wear cute little clothes like this and you’ll miss it. So suck it up and get down to Macy’s. The clothes they hate’ll create the memories you’ll love.”

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