Chile Earthquake Relief: How You Can Help

An 8.8 earthquake hit just off the coast of Chile early Saturday morning, killing at least 802 people and creating tsunami warnings in more than 50 countries across the Pacific ocean. Thousands are believed to have been left homeless due to the widespread destruction of buildings.

As we did with Haiti, HuffPost Impact will be continually updating a list of ways you can help with reconstruction and aid efforts. While this will not be a humanitarian crisis the likes that we've seen in Haiti, great amounts of money will still be needed to rebuild damaged builds, roads, and return Chile back to normalcy.


Save The Children -- Save The Children is sending an emergency assessment team to Chile, and they are asking for contributions to their Children's Emergency Fund to aid these efforts.

American Red Cross -- The Red Cross has made an initial pledge of $50,000 from their International Response Fund, which you can contribute to to further assist.

AmeriCares -- Vice President of Emergency Response, Christoph Gorder, says AmeriCares is sending medical supplies and humanitarian aid to Chile. Make a direct contribution to AmeriCares' Chilean earthquake fund.

World Vision -- World Vision is sending emergency relief supplies and staff to Chile to help injured survivors. Donate to World Vision's Disaster Response Fund to directly contribute to aid heading to Chile.

Habitat for Humanity -- Habitat for Humanity has a continual presence in Chile, where they've helped construct over 1,300 homes. They will be essential in reconstruction efforts, especially in hard-hit rural areas. Donate to Habitat For Humanity or text CHILE to 25383 to donate $10.

Direct Relief International -- Direct Relief International has offered to provide assistance in the form of medical aid to Chilean authorities and to emergency relief organizations in the area. Give to Direct Relief International and type "Chile" in the "Designation" field if you wish to specify your donation.

International Medical Corps -- IMC has a presence in dozens of countries around the globe, providing immediate medical care to those affected by natural disasters. They are currently deploying resources to Chile. Contribute to their emergency response fund. Further updates on IMC's potential presence in Chile coming soon.

United Way -- Through its affiliate in Chile, Corporacion Sociedad Activa, United Way is planning strategies to provide long-term relief to the region. Donate to the United Way or text CHILE to 864833 to give $10.

Architecture For Humanity -- The design services nonprofit is collecting money on behalf of Colegio de Arquitectos to support the 700 volunteer architects at Flatform Arquitectura. You can donate to this effort through AFH's Chile Earthquake Reconstruction Fund.

Operation USA -- Operation USA is sending emergency relief to Chile following the earthquake. Text REBUILD to 50555 to donate $10 to Operation USA's Chile disaster relief efforts or donate online at

Mercy Corps -- Mercy Corps is working to ease trauma to children in Chile through a partnership with Educación Popular en Salud, a Chilean health organization. The program is part of Mercy Corps' Comfort for Kids initiative, which originally worked to help children in post-9/11 New York City. Select an amount to donate and make sure "Chile Earthquake Response" is highlighted in the "Designation" field.

Oxfam -- Though Oxfam recently ended their ongoing work in Chile, the organization is sending water engineers and logisticians to assess the situation and determine what sort of ongoing aid is needed. Oxfam is currently pledging to help local partners in Chile to better facilitate their work. Donate to Oxfam here.

ShelterBox -- International disaster relief agency ShelterBox has mobilized a team to bring aid to Concepcion, Chile's second largest city, that likely witnessed the worst shaking. Donate to ShelterBox.

The Salvation Army -- The Salvation Army has pledged to give food, water and other resources for distribution in Chile. Text "CHILE" to 52000 to donate $10 or make an online donation to the Salvation Army's Latin America Disaster Fund.

Convoy of Hope -- This relief organization may deploy some of its resources to Chile from the Caribbean region. They provide food, water and other essential resources to suffering areas. Make a donation to Convoy of Hope.

Text Your Support for Chile: Text a donation to Chile through one of several organizations via the Mobile Giving Foundation.

  • Text CHILE to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross
  • Text CHILE to 23583 to donate $10 to Habitat for Humanity
  • Text CHILE to 20222 to donate $10 to World Vision
  • Text CHILE to 50555 to donate $10 to the Friends of World Food Program
  • Text CHILE to 52000 to donate $10 to the Salvation Army
  • Text REBUILD to 50555 to donate $10 to Operation USA
  • Text 4CHILE to 50555 to donate $10 to Convoy of Hope
  • Text CHILE to 864833 to give $10 to the United Way
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