Chile Education Protests: Batman And Wonder Woman Dance For Reform (VIDEO)

Wonder Woman, Batman and Super Mario dancing in Santiago?

Dressed up as superheros, hundreds of Chilean students hit the streets of Santiago in a choreographed demonstration to peacefully protest the country's education system. The action was only one of many demonstrations organized in the past four months to pressure the Chilean government into approving direly needed education reforms. "This movement is going forward and isn't weakening as the government says," one student told Reuters. "This activity shows we're passionate and in favor of free education."

Chilean students have been demanding an end to the structural inequities they find their country's schools and universities to suffer from. According to The Guardian, almost half of the high school graduates fail the collage entrance exam, while 91 percent of students graduating from private institutions pass the test. Demonstrators want stricter government control over education, investments in public schooling, free public transportation and scholarships for lower and middle class students.

Today, Chilean President Sebastián Piñera announced a cabinet reshuffle, replacing Education Minister Joaquín Lavín. Students reportedly applauded Lavin's departure, according the Latin America News Dispatch.

Watch Reuters' report on the protest here: