Chile's La Polar Clothing Company Edits Gay Online Ad, Inspiring Pro-LGBT Parody (VIDEO)

A Chilean clothing retailer has sparked controversy after trimming an online advertisement featuring same-sex couples kissing.

As the BBC is reporting, Chile's la Polar appeared to suddenly replace the clip with a toned-down version two days after its initial release. Still, the move prompted Chilean lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activists to produce a parody clip, which was been seen by more viewers that the original segment.

Social commentator Francesc Morales said the aim of the parody version, which he produced with friends, was to create "the gayest commercial ever" and to "show the world we are gay [and] proud of it," according to the report.

"I think a video like this...it helps to understand the humor of gay people," he said. "And humor is the best way to get to people's hearts."

View the parody (in Spanish, with subtitles) below: