Chilean Miners Struggle With Mental Heath Effects, Poverty One Year After Rescue

The movie rights have been sold, but on the one-year anniversary of their rescue, the 33 Chilean miners aren't feeling like celebrities. These men continue to grapple with poverty and the psychological effects of the trauma they faced, CNN reports.

"I asked the miners themselves and they say 'We feel like orphans,'" Jonathan Franklin, author of "33 Men" -- a firsthand account of the miners' experiences -- told CNN "'The world came to us and then they forgot about us.'"

When the men were rescued, after being trapped 2,000 feet underground for nearly 10 weeks, they briefly attained celebrity status and promises of book and film deals. But, Franklin said, they have yet to see those benefits and continue to struggle with the memories of their near-death experiences.

“People forget how much these men suffered,” Franklin said. "They were dying this collective death."

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