Upgrade Your Chili Recipe With 15 New Ideas

Tired Of The Same Old Chili? Try A New Twist

A bowlful of chili is all you need to warm up with on a frigid day. It's a comforting remedy whenever you crave the warm spices, thick sauce and deep flavors. There are countless variations of chili, in flavor, from mild to spicy, and also in color -- red, green, white and even orange. The wonderful thing about chili is that it's easy to customize. Make it with beef, pork, turkey or chicken. Vegetarian versions packed with beans and vegetables are also great. Just remember that the amount of spices you use make all the difference in flavor, not just heat.

Eat your way through bowls and bowls of comfort in this gallery of chili recipes. From the classic chili con carne to a North African version, we've got them all.

Half-Hour Chili

Chili Recipes

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