Chili's Weighs In On North Carolina Election Fraud And Immediately Regrets Decision

"We want our ballots back ballots back ballots back our ballots back."

Chili’s social media department is getting ribbed after it weighed in on North Carolina’s election fraud scandal ― without really understanding it.

It all started Monday when Andrew Bates, a spokesperson for the progressive super PAC American Bridge, offered a Chili’s gift certificate to North Carolina GOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse with a caveat: Stop trying to seat Republican congressional candidate Mark Harris, whose election has been marred by ballot fraud allegations.

Woodhouse didn’t respond, but Chili’s social media person did and aggressively attempted to do some promotion piggybacking on Bates’ tweet.

That unidentified social media person realized shortly after sending the tweet that he or she may have gotten themselves (and Chili’s!) into a situation a corporate chain that aspires to be loved by all parts of the political spectrum didn’t want.

Regrets? Chili’s social media person had a few.

Some intuitive Twitter users sensed that social media person was going through a whirlwind of emotions.

The Chili’s person didn’t deny that theory.

Meanwhile, others weighed in with advice.

Others wondered if other fast casual chains would be weighing in on the scandal.

One person just wanted things the way they were before the election.

Another person was happy to see Chili’s become politically active, even if it was unintentional.