Chili's Responds To Fox News’ Dana Perino's Claim That Her Queso Was Their Recipe

The restaurant chain called Perino "brave," while tweeting a photo of their queso: "It's supposed to look like this."

Fox News anchor Dana Perino addressed the great queso controversy that set Twitter aflame on Super Bowl Sunday, telling viewers of her show that the snack she prepared and tweeted a photo of stemmed from a Chili’s recipe.

The restaurant chain responded to the ongoing conversation about Perino’s queso with an image of their queso, accompanied by the caption: “Yeah, it’s supposed to look like this.”

Chili’s then quote-tweeted Perino’s original tweet about the queso she made and called her “brave.”

To rewind, Perino tweeted on Sunday evening that she had made some queso and shared a rather unappetizing image of said dip. The post immediately went viral, with Twitter users sharing hilarious iterations of their own “queso.”

In response, Perino called her haters “elitist” and informed everyone that her friends appreciated her cooking prowess.

“So...whatever dudes!” she wrote in a tweet.

Perino told viewers of her show, “The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino,” on Monday that she had procured the recipe from the internet and that it supposedly came from Chili’s. The host also told guest Greg Gutfeld that she had never had anything go viral.

“Well, that deserved to go viral because it seems like it might be diseased. You know how I always say that Twitter is like the bathroom wall? That’s the bathroom stall,” said Gutfeld of Perino’s queso.

Gutfeld went on to say that the queso looked like “pumpkin bread,” and that Perino deserved all the abuse she got over the dish.

Chili’s remained kind in its reaction, saying, “Lots of people didn’t even attempt to make queso for their guests. But Dana Perino did. That’s a good hostess right there.”