Chilling Wine: The Best And Quickest Method

There are a handful of things you should know to be the life of a party: a couple of good one liners (everybody likes a jokester), a graceful way to exit a political debate, and this trick for chilling wine in just six minutes.

Or, just impress yourself by chilling your bottle of white in less time than it takes you to get ready to drink it -- and save the jokes for yourself.

You don't have to succumb to the ice cube in that nice glass of rose (some of us just can't wait!). Just get together a wine bucket, ice, water and salt. Yep, salt; it's the magic ingredient in this wine-cooling method. The salt breaks down the ice by lowering its melting point which makes the water colder faster. Put it all together in a bucket (like they show in the video above) and count down the minutes. Oh, and you can use this for beer, too.

Correction: This entry has been edited to clarify that adding salt to ice lowers its melting point.

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