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Chimp Vs. Drone: Turns Out Chimpanzees Don't Like Being Spied On, Either

Is this chimp concerned about authorities snapping a picture of his penis, or is this merely the latest skirmish in a global animal uprising?

Either way, the message is clear: This chimp does not want that drone in his face. However, as the video reveals, he would like the drone to be in his mouth.

This footage comes from the Burgers' Zoo in Arnhem, Netherlands, where researchers film animals in their habitat as part of an ongoing series. But on April 10, the chimps had other plans.

[The] intelligent apes discovered the spying plane.. and the animals immediately armed themselves with long sticks against the prying electronic intruder... With a direct hit the animal hit the drone down... and completely destroyed [it].

"Immediately armed themselves?" Hmm... well, it looks like direct surveillance isn't going to work on chimps. Guess the people in charge are just going to have to mine their data like everyone else. Or not.

Fight the good fight, primate brothers!

(H/T Reddit)

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