Chimps Open Christmas Gifts At Lion Country Safari Zoo (VIDEO)

Loxahatchee, Florida's Lion Country Safari, America's first cageless zoo, hosted its 26th annual Christmas With The Chimps on December 22.

Santa Claus traveled by boat to greet the chimpanzees and give them their Christmas presents.

The Jane Goodall Institute and chimp volunteers provide the gifts for the animals. Gifts are typically enrichment tools for the chimps, but they also receive edibles and other goodies that make the day special.

Lion Country public relations director Jennifer Berthume told AOL News that "they get very excited once they see Santa. They do remember...it's very neat to watch. They'll put their hands out like a child might ask for a gift."

This day is also special because it is the only day of the year that zoo visitors are allowed to get out of their cars during their visits. The zoo puts away the zebras and the giraffes in order for this special event to take place.

The other animals at the zoo aren't left out for Christmas, either. Lions and elephants are given Christmas trees, and other primates are given gifts as well.