This Newfangled Hair-Washing Machine Looks Perfectly Safe

Electrical outlets and water ... What could possibly go wrong?

Good people of Weird News. What you see here is purportedly a full-service, automatic hair-washing machine, made in China. 

If you take Imaginechina's word for it, the contraption "received a national patent after experimenting for 16 years [and] breaking 18 motorcycle helmets." 

Don't worry, that's what helmets are for.

The Daily Star says that the machine, created by Chen Gongke, 38, will even massage your scalp.

Yes, it looks scary. But maybe you'll feel great when the hot air device dries your hair? It will only last five minutes.

We'll get to the point: A good question to ask yourself would be "Is this real?" And that is indeed hard to say. But a better question, we think, is "If this thing is real, would I wash my head with it?" Even harder to say.


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