Mystery Of China's 'Levitating Cars' Video Solved

A cable caught in a street sweeper caused the unusual scene.

It looked like they ran into a force field.

Surveillance footage from Xingtai, China posted online by Live Leak and others shows two vans and a car suddenly rising off the ground with so much force that one of them overturns.

While video of the accident, which happened earlier this month, caused the term "levitating cars" to trend on Facebook, there was no magic at work. A cable that had been laid across the street got caught in the street sweeper seen on the right of the screen, according to the Telegraph.

The street sweeper pulled the cable in, which caused it to tighten up and act like a tripwire for the vehicles -- but because of the low resolution of the video, the cable itself can barely be seen.

No one was injured.

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