This Is What It Looks Like To Watch One Of The Biggest Stories In The World Disappear

Viewers of international television in China watched their screens go completely dark on Tuesday during coverage of Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests.

Networks like CNN and CNBC suddenly cut away from the live report as soon as video of the crowds appeared on screen. CNBC's Seamus Conwell caught the moment as it happened.

Here's what it looks like to watch one of the biggest news stories in the world disappear:

China's government has made it increasingly hard for its citizens to see the protests through the media, blocking out all images and censoring live footage of the unprecedented movement. On most mainland China networks, news anchors have been merely saying a few words on the protests while showing absolutely no pictures or videos, the Associated Press said Tuesday.

One Shanghai-based columnist told the AP that Chinese authorities see the protests not as news but as something "that can take down their world."

(h/t: NBC News)