Chinese Dog Meat Market Images Provide Glimpse Into Controversial Industry (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

While many people regularly consume farm animals such as cows, chickens and pigs, the reaction by many to these graphic photos of a dog meat market suggest cultural differences play a role in how some view the treatment of different animals.

WARNING: Graphic Images Below.

According to the Daily Mail, the market pictured, located in Yulin City in China's Guangxi province, routinely cuts up and cooks dogs in front of patrons.

Despite efforts by activists to end the practice in China and in Korea -- where it is technically illegal -- the industry has seemed to persevere.

Animal rights activist group PETA touched on the issue when discussing a past controversy, writing on their blog that while very upsetting, they view it as no different than all other forms of animal consumption.

"Before we point the finger and call such people hypocrites, think of people in the Western world who have "pet" hens and pot-bellied pigs yet still eat fried chicken and ham sandwiches. They balk at eating animals they "know" but have no problem eating an animal they never met who invariably endured a miserable life on a filthy factory farm and ended up in a very scary place: the slaughterhouse."

What do you think?

WARNING: Graphic Images: