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Chinese Fishermen Catch Porsche Cayenne (VIDEO)

Fishermen are known for telling stories about "the one they got away," but for a group of fishermen in China, what they caught was bigger and stranger than any "fish tale" they could inven.

The bizarre -- and inedible -- catch occurred in the South China Sea off the coast of Beihai. Instead of a huge fish, they found the waterlogged Porsche, which experts said had been stuck in the ocean for at least two years, reported.

The damage was so severe that the car, which would have sold for $160,000 before the two-year-long dunk, was sold for scrap metal to a local garage for $640, according to

It is unknown how the Porsche got there. reports that the area around Beihai is a smuggling hotspot where expensive goods are snuck into China to avoid to extremely high import taxes.

Since Chinese Coast Guard officials have been looking for smugglers in the region, it's possible that one of them may have gotten nervous and pushed the sports car into the drink, reported.

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