Chinese Hacker Challenge: Shut down Westboro Baptist Church

BEIJING: Chinese hackers have gotten pretty good the past few years at disrupting things. I'm generally not in favor of encouraging hacker mayhem, but this case it a bit different. Let's see if they can shut down Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. And if you happen to be in Topeka, I suggest going over there and protesting against this stupidity (along with the vast amount of stupidity WBC has encouraged in the past). And if that doesn't work, a lawsuit might.


50,000? 100,000? How many dead people does it take before WBC's apocalyptic bloodlust is satisfied? Idiots.

If anyone at WBC or anyone else for that matter, wants to do something constructive to help the victims of the Sichuan earthquake, check in at CNReviews for a very good compilation of information on how to donate to the recovery efforts. China Crossroads also has some information on orphanage assistance.

And lastly, a big hat tip to Opposite End of China, where I noticed this item. For those who've never heard of Xinjiang, I'd suggest visiting as it's the best blog in English on that part of China.