Chinese Human Rights Activist Wu Gan Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison

Wu said he was "grateful" to China's ruling party for being granted "this lofty honor."

A famous Chinese human rights activist and blogger was sentenced to eight years in jail on Tuesday following a guilty verdict of subversion.

Wu Gan, known by his online persona “Super Vulgar Butcher,” posted on his blog about government abuses of power and openly criticized public officials in China. He also helped to organize protests outside government buildings and courthouses, according to The New York Times. 

Prosecutors at his secretive trial in Tianjin said Wu’s protests were instead a “ploy” used to “seriously harm national security and social stability.” During one protest, Wu was pictured holding two knives and saying he would “slaughter the pigs.”

Wu said he would appeal his case, saying that he was “grateful to the [Communist] party for granting me this lofty honor,” according to The Guardian. 

Prior to Tuesday’s sentencing, Wu had been in custody for more than two years after he was arrested protesting outside a court.