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12 Surreally Beautiful Instagram Accounts Out Of China


China has a complicated relationship with Instagram, but that hasn't stopped amateur and professional photographers from beaming out a wide range of stunning sights in the massive country, from geometric skyscrapers, to pastel lines of umbrellas. We've gathered a few of our favorite Chinese feeds below.

1. @siumomomo: This unnamed Hong Kong-based photographer captures quiet moments in the bustling city.

2. Deon Wong: Another photographer out of Hong Kong who works in muted colors and beautiful portraits.

3. Jethro Mullen: The CNN photojournalist travels Asia in search of dramatic, relevant shots.

4.Vivien Wei Wei Liu: An architect who is obsessed with the geometric patterns that blanket Hong Kong. She explained her photographic practice to Instagram as an ongoing attempt "to immerse the viewer into the space in which the photo was taken."

5. Kyle Yu: Hong Kong is a clear inspiration for photographers in search of visual stimuli. Kyle Yu, another Hong Konger, finds patterns even outside the superbuilt city center.


A photo posted by kyle_yu (@kyle_yu) on

6. @nk7: Based in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, this anonymous photographer finds dizzying, M.C. Escher-esque scenes.

Belinda. ::: #leanwithit

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💃 ::: #Instagrammerdown #ExploreWuhan

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7. Hang Ho: A fan of portraits, this photographer captures his subjects in the dreamy, cloud-strewn upper altitudes of the country.

8. @d0125: This unnamed photographer favors the black and white filters, and moody, single-subject shots.

9. Jan Tong: This stunning feed plays out like an indie romance movie, with sun-drenched shots of lovers laying about in the forests of China.

10. Theodore Kaye: A freelance photographer who grew up in Asia, Kaye roams a large swathe of central Asia and China.

Hardware store merchant in Kashgar, far western China

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11. Philip Tinari:: The Beijing-based curator and director of the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art provides a window into the Chinese art world.


A photo posted by Philip Tinari (@philiptinari) on

12. NeochaEDGE: This creative agency showcases Chinese talent on its Instagram feed, from contemporary paintings to fashion.

Mang Mang self portrait...

A photo posted by NeochaEDGE /// 新茶锋潮 (@neochaedge) on

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