Chinese Parents Sell Children To Pay For Video Game Addiction (VIDEO)

WATCH: Chinese Parents Sell Children To Pay For Gaming Addiction

Gaming addiction is bad, but this is downright wrong.

A Chinese couple, Li Lin and Li Juan, is being accused of apparently selling all three of their children in order to pay for playing video games at internet cafes, according to the southern Chinese paper Sanxiang City News. ABC News Radio, who picked up the story, reported that the couple, both of whom were under 21, met in an Internet cafe in 2001.

According to Game Politics, things began to go bad in 2009, when they decided they would sell their second child, a girl, for $500. When that worked, they allegedly went back to see what they could get for their first child, a boy.

He brought in $4,600 (30,000 RMB).

So, according to ABC, when the couple had their third child, they repeated the process, again raking in another $4,600.

The sales came to light when the father's mother finally turned them in. According to Sanxiang City News, the parents claimed they didn't know they were breaking the law.

This is far and away not the first time gaming addiction has resulted in poor parenting. Earlier this year, an Osaka, Japan mother was accused of killing her three-year-old, because the child threw out her gaming system.

The condition is also just as likely to develop in children as adults. One study showed that as many as 1 in 10 children are at risk to become video game addicts.

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