Chinese 'Love Coach' Teaches Men To Seduce Women (VIDEO)


In China, a country where men vastly outnumber women, the art of dating has taken on a certain level of urgency not found in other nations.

But as CNN is now reporting, a professional "pick-up" artist in Bejing is offering to help Chinese men with the art of seduction. Despite a hefty price tag -- an estimated $150 for a one-day seminar, $1,500 for a full three-day course -- the courses have not suffered from any shortage of students, with one especially optimistic man traveling over 14 hours by train in an effort to perfect his game.

The classes are taught by Chris "Tango" Wu, who says he honed his craft in the U.S. by studying The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists, the bestselling book by Neil Strauss. Tango was the protege of Wayne "Juggler" Elise, another street-smart lothario who features prominently in The Game, and believes what works on American women will also work on their Chinese counterparts. "Ultimately, people want the same thing," Juggler says. "They want sex, love and excitement."

Watch the full video report here:

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