Chinese High School Allegedly Gave Students IV Drips While They Studied For Exams (VIDEO)

Chinese High School Allegedly Hooked Students To IV Drips To Cram For Exams

The Xiaogan No.1 High School in China's Hubei province allegedly hooked students up to intravenous drips of amino acids to aid them in studying for their exams, ITN reports.

According to, "Mr. Xia," the reported director of the Office of Academic Affairs, maintains the drips were meant to help students who weren't feeling well while studying.

Ministry of Tofu, a blog about Chinese issues, claims "CHImushroom” is the original uploader of the photos that surfaced online, and is a senior at the high school. These claims, however, cannot be confirmed.

According to the blog, the students were studying for the make-or-break National Higher Education Entrance Examination, or the "Gaokao," which determines what colleges students can get into and are taken in their last year of high school.

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