Chinese Teen Allegedly Offers Virginity For iPhone 4

Chinese Teen Allegedly Offers Her Virginity For An iPhone 4

Is this a case of consumerism at its worst--or just a hoax?

Business Insider is reporting that a Chinese teenager posted on Weibo, China's version of Twitter, that she would trade her virginity in exchange for an iPhone 4.

Reports of the girl's posting first surfaced last week in Biznewschina and the Korean Herald, which wrote that the girl posted a photo of herself along with basic personal information, because it's her "dream to own a iPhone 4 but her father won’t let her get one.”

The post, which many believe to be fake or a cruel prank played on the girl, has been met with a negative response and considerable criticism.

While it sounds unbelievable, this wouldn't be the first case of a Chinese teen going to extreme lengths for the latest technology.

Earlier this month a 17-year-old high school student named Xiao Zheng reportedly sold one of his kidneys for 20,000 yuan (about $3,100) to purchase an iPad 2 tablet.

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