Chinese Traffic Cameras In Heze City, Shandong Capture Gruesome Accidents (VIDEO)

This Chinese public service announcement has garnered the attention it hoped for.

In an effort to promote safe driving, traffic authorities released a video depicting a string of accidents caught by surveillance cameras at what some think may be the most dangerous intersection in the world. And the 12-minute segment, filmed in the city of Heze in the Shandog province of China, has raced across the Internet--within just 22 hours of its posting on local video sharing site Youku, it amassed more than 2 million views and 279 pages of comments.

Youku's description of the piece reads as follows (translated from its original Chinese text):

Installing surveillance cameras is just one method, but improving motorists and the people's traffic safety knowledge is the key. We cannot stop traffic accidents from happening, but we will do our best to prevent and reduce the occurrence of accidents. Rise up together all people and all police, and work towards building a safe and peaceful Heze, work towards being able to go home to eat with our loved ones...

Warning: graphic content.