Chinese Woman Freaks Out In Airport, Gets 600,000 Hits On YouTube (VIDEO)

A Chinese woman who lost it at Hong Kong's international airport after missing her flight has become the latest YouTube sensation with over half a million views.

The doors to the woman's flight had already closed, so Cathay Pacific wouldn't let her board. As a result she threw a three-minute tantrum screaming, "I want to go, I want to go" in Cantonese. Her original flight was bound for San Francisco, the airline said it put her on a later flight to Los Angeles.

According to Reuters, the incident occurred earlier this month, but the video didn't make it to YouTube until late last week and by Monday, the "woman going insane after missing her flight video" had over 400,000 hits. (In the 5 hours since Reuters published this story, the number has risen to almost 600,000.)


UPDATE: In the 12 hours since we've posted it, the video's views have more than tripled, bringing the total to 2 million.

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