Chinnakorn Deesai Kicks Edvaldo In Chest In Thai Soccer Game (VIDEO)

WATCH: Goalkeeper Kicks Striker In Chest

American sports fans typically loathe the injury histrionics employed by international soccer players, but I don't think that anyone will begrudge Edvaldo a few dramatic barrel rolls after a goalie viciously kicked the Brazilian striker in the chest in a professional game in Thailand.

Edvaldo's club, Chiangrai, was leading Dessai's Siam Navy, 2-0, when the Brazilian found himself on the ground in the penalty area. It appears that the striker may have drawn the ire of opposing goalkeeper Chinnakorn Deesai by attempting to trip him up, but no one was prepared for what came next: The goalie executed a full-wind up kick to the chest of a player lying on the turf.

Not surprisingly, the goalie was sent off with a straight red card and Chiangrai was awarded a penalty. They converted the spot kick and cruised to a 3-0 win.


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