Chip Reid Asks Gibbs About 'Ugly Democratic Heads' (VIDEO)

Chip Reid Asks Gibbs About 'Ugly Democratic Heads' (VIDEO)

Here's a video of the scandal that just went down in the White House Press Room! CBS News' Chip Reid was questioning Robert Gibbs about health care spending when he made this catty aside: "Democrats...also raising their ugly heads today."

And the rest of the press corps sort of laughed incredulously at Reid because a) it was idiotic, b) they knew that pretty soon, everyone would be talking about how "Chip Reid never mentioned how ugly some of the Republican heads are, like Jim Bunning who is TOTES GROSS*, for balance so YAHHH TEH MEDIA BIAS!" and c) because he immediately had to correct himself and offer, "Kent Conrad, actually he's a very handsome man."

So there you have it: Chip Reid and Kent Conrad are, at this very minute, in a tree, kissing each other.


*In the interest of "teh balance," some people say Jeff Sessions is also unattractive. In truth he is "small but perfectly formed."

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