Far-Right GOP Lawmaker's Question About Republicans Backfires Spectacularly

Rep. Chip Roy got some very blunt responses to a challenge he delivered from the House floor.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) put his own party on blast during a fiery speech on the House floor on Wednesday that included a blunt challenge for his Republican colleagues.

“One thing! I want my Republican colleagues to give me one thing ― one! ― that I can go campaign on and say we did,” he said. “One! Anybody sitting in the complex, if you want to come down to the floor and come explain to me, one material, meaningful, significant thing the Republican majority has done besides, ‘Well, I guess it’s not as bad as the Democrats.’”

Republicans took control of the House at the start of the year and have since gone through two protracted contests for speaker ― including the first-ever to be toppled in a floor vote ― and weeks without a leader.

The resulting chaos has led to the least productive Congress in nearly a century, with just 21 bills becoming law.

Given that track record, Roy got plenty of replies, but most were from his Democratic rivals.

Two U.S. senators, Tina Smith (Minn.) and Debbie Stabenow (Mich.), each responded by sharing the same meme from Clickhole:

Multiple observers said Roy was delivering a gift to Democratic campaigns and those who make ads for them:

And others ― including numerous Democratic lawmakers ― chimed in with their own replies to Roy:

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