9 Chipotle Hacks To Get More Bean For Your Buck

Here's the "full scoop."

Chipotle may be a spiritual experience but it can come at an expense. Let us help you get what you deserve.

1. Get 92% more beans for no extra charge.

Black or pinto? How about both? Since you won't get a measured 50 percent of each (scooping is not an exact science, says Apartment List), you're likelier to get almost two full servings for the price of one!

2. Get the holiday gift card. (And score a free burrito!)

Sure, you'll be paying $30 upfront, but, according to Charisma on Command, you can -- and should -- ask to double the meat and guac in that freebie burrito, essentially doubling your win.

3. Fajita veggies are free.

Spoon University has found that fajita veggies come at no extra cost when you order a protein.

4. What happens when you wrap a burrito in a quesadilla? This.

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According to HacktheMenu.com, you can order the Quesarito off of Chipotle's secret menu. If the name alone doesn't convince you to change your go-to order, its description will: It's a burrito in which the "shell" is actually a cheese quesadilla.

5. Is the Quesarito too heavy for you? Then ask for the Burritodilla.

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Bless you, Hack the Menu, for introducing us to the Quesarito's "slimmer" sibling. What makes this lighter snack delicious goodness unique? The servers supplement half the fillings of a regular burrito with handfuls of cheese. Amen.

6. Asking for guac on the side may very well result in more guac.

As Moneyning suggests, Chipotle servers are typically in a rush and won't stop to compare scoops to plastic containers. If you're willing to add the guac manually before diving in, ask for it on the side and you'll likely get more!

7. Speaking of more guac, how would you like free guac?

Sure, it's a crapshoot, but you're nothing if not a gambler. Next time you order guac, ask for lettuce after it is slapped onto your burrito or bowl. In the aforementioned rush, perhaps the cashier will mix up the greens and miss it? Saving you almost a full two bucks. (Hero.)

8. No but really. Free guac.

If you insist on going the proper route, skipping the protein can score you free guac. No hiding under the lettuce like a guac thief.

9. You know what else is secretly on the secret menu? Nachos.

You read that correctly. According to Hack the Menu, if you order a bowl and ask for chips instead of rice, you'll get nachos! YUM.

BONUS: Visiting a new city and craving Chipotle like, bad?

Download the Chipotle app to find the location nearest you and place an order. Like a boss.

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