Chipotle Is Testing Queso In Hopes Of Turning Business Back Around

The chain is finally listening to its customers' requests.

Cheese lovers, rejoice! Chipotle ― the chain that has long refused to sell queso ― is finally coming to its senses. The fast casual chain is testing queso, and if all goes well it could roll out in locations across the country.

This could be just what Chipotle needs to catapult itself back into its customers’ good graces after the long E. coli outbreak that eroded confidence in the brand.

Chipotle NEXT Kitchen, the company’s new public-facing test kitchen where they’re testing the queso, can be found at 504 6th Avenue in New York City.

Chipotle has long refused to add queso to its menu because the addictive cheese sauce, they said, requires artificial ingredients to make. And for Chipotle, a company that has put a lot of stock into removing artificial ingredients and preservatives from their food and focusing on “food with integrity,” this was a deal breaker.

So why is queso allowed on the menu now? Chipotle has cracked the code and figured out how to make a cheese dip with natural ingredients.

As you can probably tell from the video above, you will be able to tell the difference from Chiptole’s all-natural queso and the Velveeta kind. Where traditional quesos are smooth and viscous, Chipotle’s queso is grainier and thicker. But it apparently ups the flavor of their burritos by a lot, and we can’t wait to try it.

If the dish is popular in the super-controlled Chipotle NEXT Kitchen, where other exciting dishes like frozen margaritas are being tested, then it can be rolled out to as many as hundreds of other locations. For the sake of melted cheese, here’s hoping!