Chipotle Launches Original TV Series 'Farmed And Dangerous' On Hulu

Chipotle is thinking outside the burrito and headed to Hulu.

The "fast-casual chain" restaurant is producing a new four-part TV series, The New York Times reports.

The series, entitled "Farmed and Dangerous," is a satirical take on the dark side of industrial farming. While the series won't "outright feature Chipotle or any of its products or restaurants, the message is clear: Eat at Chipotle, because it doesn't have anything to do with that scary world," according to Advertising Age.

Watch the trailer above and check the original series when it premieres Feb. 17 on Hulu.

To remind you the power of Chipotle's subtle advertising, check out their commercial, "The Scarecrow," which became a viral sensation last year: