Chipotle's New TV Show, 'Farmed And Dangerous,' Is Meant To Make You Think Before You Eat

Chipotle's wading into the television business.

The much-loved restaurant chain's new online series, "Farmed and Dangerous," will soon be headed to a browser near you with four 30-minute episodes that point a satirical lens at the food industry. Like last year's heart-wrenching (and mega-viral) "Scarecrow" ad, the series will delve into the "outrageously twisted world of industrial agriculture," while promoting the company's sustainably-minded menus and commitment to responsible food sourcing.

The series features a grassroots activist named Chip (otle?), but the subtle reference will be the one of the few connections between the chain and the series, according to a report from the New York Times. Think less product placement, more values-based PSA.

Along with the "Scarecrow" and a 2011 project featuring Willy Nelson, the company is hoping viewers will translate the visceral response you get from their content into better eating habits, but Daniel Rosenberg, who's company produced the series, said "Farmed and Dangerous is meant to strike large emotional chords -- it's not about selling burritos."

Take a look at the trailer above -- "Farmed and Dangerous" will start airing on Hulu on February 17.

Editor's Note: This story was written independently of Chipotle's sponsorship of The Huffington Post's Food For Thought section.



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