Local Republican Party Deletes Racist Slavery Meme After Nobody Laughs

Area County GOP 'Very Sorry' After Posting Something Very Racist

The Chisago County, Minn. Republican party removed a racist Facebook post comparing abortion to slavery Wednesday after it drew widespread outrage.

"Pro Choice. Against Slavery? Don't buy one," read the caption to a picture showing a slave auction. MSNBC and radio Host Ed Schultz posted a screengrab of the photo on his Facebook page:

The local party said on Facebook the author of the post could not yet be determined, but added that the page had a "large number of administrators" and had removed all of the users from the page until they could figure out who posted it.

"The Chisago County Republican Party is very sorry that something so clearly improper (either intended or in poor taste) ever made it to our page," wrote the party's executive committee on Facebook. "Postings like this are not representative of our party. We are a party that believes in Freedom for all Americans regardless of race or religion. It is after all where the Republican Party came from in its origins, the anti-slavery movement."

At least one Minnesota Republican party member, however, did not condemn the post. Chris Fields, the Minnesota Republican Party secretary who is black, told the Star-Tribune that he found "absolutely nothing offensive about that (Facebook) post."

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