Chloë Grace Moretz Explains Why People Shouldn't Have To Come Out

The actress thinks sexual orientation is "a question that shouldn't be asked."

Growing up with two gay brothers, Chloë Grace Moretz quickly embraced her role as an advocate for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality. But despite all the progress that's been made, there's still one thing the 18-year-old actress hopes will change.

"We put so many labels on so many things in our society, and my big issue is not just the fact that people are against LGBT -- it's the fact that we have to come out and say who we're interested in," she told HuffPost Live in a conversation on Tuesday.

"There should never even be a question," she continued. "It doesn't matter. It's not an issue. Why are we even living in a society where we have to answer those questions? That's a question that shouldn't be asked."

The "5th Wave" star recalled how her role as an LGBT ally has grown along with her career.

"[My family and I] stick up for one another, so I immediately started filling that role from a really young age because I was on a platform where people would listen to me, so I could defend them on an even larger scale," she explained.

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