Chloe Fineman Does Some Eye-Opening Impressions On 'The Tonight Show'

Jimmy Fallon put the "Saturday Night Live" star through a lightning round of dead-on impersonations.

Impressionist Chloe Fineman may have just done actors Meryl Streep, Keira Knightley and Jennifer Coolidge better than they do themselves. (OK, that’s not possible, but you get our point.)

The “Saturday Night Live” star showed off her impersonation skills on “The Tonight Show” Thursday, assuming different personas when she got her cue. But she had to be in character while improvising small talk with host Jimmy Fallon.

How else could you get Fineman’s Knightley to hilariously mouth the word “gourd,” and her Streep to say “autumn bottom”?

Fineman, along with “SNL” impression virtuoso Melissa Villaseñor, just got some copycat company in newly hired player James Austin Johnson, who does a heckuva Donald Trump.

But as Fineman has proven on “The Tonight Show” before, she’s one of the best impressionists in the business.

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