Chloe Kim Thanks Mom For Her Sacrifices In Meaningful Open Letter

Happy Mother's Day!

Aaaaand cue the tears! 

Olympic snowboarding gold medalist Chloe Kim recently wrote a letter to her mother, Boran Yun Kim, detailing how grateful she is for her sacrifices. 

ESPN recorded Chloe reading the letter aloud for Mother’s Day, which lands on May 13 this year. But unbeknownst to her, Boran was in a room upstairs watching her daughter on screen. The video’s a tearjerker.  

“I remember you taking me to breakfast early in the morning before school, even when you were tired from late-night shifts from the night before,” Chloe said. “You always had my back, no matter what.”

The Olympian noted that when she’d go on trips with her father, Boran would stay up late, cooking for the two so they’d have their favorite meals. 

“But when you started coming on trips with us, we made the best memories together,” Chloe said. 

Boran’s selflessness certainly paid off, and it’s clear that Chloe thinks of her success as her mom’s as well. 

“After my run at the Olympics, I was so excited to see you, just to say, ‘Look, Mama, we did it,’” Chloe said.

We definitely didn’t get through the whole letter without tearing up, and neither did Boran, who decided to leave her room early so she could give her daughter a big ol’ hug. 

Mother-daughter #goals, much?