Chloe Lattanzi's Art and Beauty: A Strategy for Supermodel Sanity and Success

Chloe Lattanzi's Art and Beauty: A Strategy for Supermodel Sanity and Success
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Chloe Rose Lattanzi for LuxEcoLiving What does it take to become a supermodel? Unlike other professions that captures and allures masses of media, a model's career is not just based on beauty... it's hard work.

They conquer the runway, design fashion lines, host television shows, advocate for humanitarian efforts, and even find time to Tweet regularly. We're talking about supermodel moguls like Australian Nicole Trunfino--extraordinarily impressive women whose beauty shot them to stardom and whose intelligence propelled them to worldwide acclaim.

Nicole Trunfino for LuxEcoLiving

It's one of the most lucrative professions, some make millions and are signed to coveted contracts that jettison their chances for even more fame.

How does a model take flight and become known as a supermodel? Many have tips based on past experience. Cindy Crawford states, "At a very young age I gave myself permission to take care of myself. So, if I wanted a facial, I could say, 'Oh, it's for work.' I knew it was important to take care of myself, physically, my body. I've been doing it for 25 years and now I don't even think about it."

"Supermodel's strut through the competition to capture the eye of the lens which is equal to gazing into the eye of a tiger."

Chloe Rose Lattanzi for LuxEcoLiving

Victoria Secret's regiment for commissioning runway models became very controversial. The company was scrutinized for advancing and promoting unhealthy physical role models... the girls were painfully thin.
Sexy is Victoria's Secrets middle name. But at what price? "Due to the size and shape of the model's featured, young girls feel as though they need to lose weight to become as sought after as the women shown. Although many women recognize the intended goal of these ideals (to lure customers), it is more difficult for younger generations to acknowledge the somewhat fantasy figures represented. Due to these advertisements, the American industry profits enormously from capitalizing on the insecurities of young women, claiming to supposedly nurture them with advertised products and health plans." (Hesse and Biber)
Victoria Secret for LuxEcoLiving
Just like hemlines, the media emergence of a new body type can become the next coveted ideal. If thin was the beauty standard, curves and musculature may become the next norm. We know that the role of media far outweighs what is or should be reflected; the societal perceptions of the female body. And today's next genre of supermodels need to do more than conform. They need to step out of their skin and create new iconic images. Become mainstream cultural creatives for their generations Advertizing Age.
Chloe Rose Lattanzi for LuxEcoLiving
Chloe lives with her fiance James Driscoll and their two adoreable adopted pets, Peanut and Jelly.
She's accomplished many goals both personal and professional as an actor, singer-songwriter, and now model.
She has, beyond her striking beauty, the ability to brand it. Not many models know how to create the ads they would like to appear in. And not many have Chloe's gift... with their own camera, the ability to capture self. Strident, opinionated and determined Chloe see's herself branded and wants to license her taste for fashion, make-up, hair, and just about everything else she loves... for the love of the planet and her furry friends.
And it certainly hasn't hurt her chances of succeeding having been told countless times... that she bares a striking resemblance to one of the most beautiful people in the world.
Chloe Rose Lattanzi for LuxEcoLiving
Her life has not been a "bed of roses," she has suffered from and succeeded to win battles from Anorexia and Alcoholism. But through it all she is determined to succeed.... on her own terms.
Her beauty and sexuality are part of the palate that leads her to create images of her self, some hilarious and out of the box so to speak... but seriously brilliant. Concepts that today's Mad Men on Madison Avenue get paid big bucks for. She invents herself. Glued to a computer she picks up on mainstream mantras, whether fashion hot spots on the web, or newsworthy health advice. Americans consume too much sugar!
Chloe Rose Lattanzi for LuxEcoLiving
I love this selfie. It's her art form. Like Andy Warhol, she sees her own generations affixation's.
And because a model's beauty has always been extreme manifestations captured by photographers who stake claim for their success... Chloe loves her technology, Instagram, and has a frenzied fan club on Facebook that can't wait for her next image to appear.
Couch Potato Chloe Rose Lattanzi
Chloe's own mantra matters. Not just to her but an entire generation that seems to be stuck in a rut of where to go and what to become in a world gone mad.
Is it the chaos in life that propels creativity? Is identity in the form of a tattoo the only way to express ones individuality? As a Boomer I see this generation not lost but leading the way to a centrists point of view of the real meaning of self and expression.

If not now when!

Part 2/Chloe Rose Lattanzi Herself next!

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