'Chloe Sevigny' Is Here To Teach You How To Make It As A 'Mo-del'

"It's recently come to me attention that I am mo-del."

One of our favorite queer comedians, Drew Droege, is back with a new video in his hilarious, long-running web series where he pretends to be an exaggerated version of actress and model Chloe Sevigny.

Droege's Sevigny impersonations often revolve around a specific holiday or event. However, in this clip, he's bringing us his interpretation of how the beloved star would give a tutorial on how to make it as a model.

Apart from channeling Sevigny, Droege has been featured in the popular parody of HBO's now-cancelled queer show "Looking," called "Not Looking," as well as alongside Marc Jacobs... dressed as Sevigny.

Check out the hilarious video above. Missed any of Droege's past odes to Chloe? Head here.

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