Chloe Sevigny's Red Cropped Haircut: Chic Or Shriek? (PHOTOS, POLL)

PHOTOS: Chloe's Got A (Strange) New 'Do

Chloe Sevigny isn't afraid to go bold, when it comes to speaking her mind, her on-screen roles (lesbianism, nudity) and especially her style (case in point: her white socks-with-Mary Janes look).

So the actress was not timid about debuting a new haircut that is... well, let's just say it's unconventional. Chloe attended last night's screening of "W.E." (Madonna's latest feature) wearing a short red hair style to match her short red dress.

There were bangs, there was a little flip at the bottom and there was some tucked-behind-the-ears action (which, as Julia Roberts once intoned, "never looks good").

Overall we're sort of baffled. The color, the length, the bangs, the odd flip... can anyone tell us what's going on here?

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