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Chloe the Mini Frenchie and Her Mom Loni Are Having the Time of Their Lives Sipping Champagne and Traveling the Globe

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As it seems with all my new friends these days, I met this incredible woman and her dog on INSTAGRAM. Seeing that it has now become an Olympic sport for me, it's no surprise that the cute feed of @CHLOETHEMINIFRENCHIE became a regular in mine. We met for the first time during an April Fool's shoot for Barneys and later followed up at various dog centric functions. NO WONDER this dog has so many followers - she is cute as a button, and, as I have shared with her Mom, if the dog is missing, please come looking at my house! Amy Lombard came along for my playdate with Chloe!


Her Mom, Loni Edwards, is a lawyer turned entrepreneur and a clever one at that. Having worked hard and been on location without phone power, she decided that a clever new idea would be to have a charger built into her bag and VOILA! EmPOWERED WAS BORN.

Now licensing the patent to other fashion forward companies, Loni is enjoying more time with this delicious dog Chloe and we wanted to ask her a few q's about becoming INSTAFAMOUS.

What was the reason you got CHLOE?

To have a cute furry companion.

Were you interested in taking pictures before you got her?

Yes, I've always loved taking pictures.

When did you start her account?

I created her Instagram account when I got her to share her with the world. Her little face makes me so happy and I thought it would have the same effect on others. Now that she's become an Instagram star, we've been able to take spreading happiness a step further by using her fame to raise money for dog-focused charities. For her second birthday we threw a charity bash to raise money for the Humane Society of NY, and we recently collaborated with scarf line Donni Charm to create scarves for dogs with proceeds also benefiting the Humane Society of NY.


When did you know you had a star on your hands?

The first time she was recognized on the street by one of her followers.

What advice would you give people about growing their do feeds?

Take good quality photos, show personality and use relevant hashtags.

Who are some of her INSTABESTIES?

SO many! In LA, @MrBobaBear and @Frankenstein_Farts, in Florida @PiggyandPolly, in Boston @Nachodogg, in Chicago @Hamlin_the_frenchie and @cooper_the_frenchie, and in NYC @toastmeetsworld, @chloekardoggian, and @samsonthedood.

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