Meiji, Japanese Confectioner, Debuts Chocolate Bar With Cheese

Meiji, a Japanese confectioner, has created a peculiar new product: cheesy chocolate, made by blending cheese with the company's premium white chocolate. While cheese and chocolate can likely be agreed upon as two of the most enjoyable guilty pleasures, we can't help but wonder if two rights make a wrong.

In addition to YanYans, sweet wafers dipped in chocolate of a Nutella consistency, Meiji already manufactures a slew of seemingly unappealing treats, such as Meiji Mushroom Mountain Grape, Chocolate Fruit Gummies and Bourbon Chocolate Every Burger.

In comparison, the company's new cheese chocolate is quite orthodox, especially since the two ingredients have been fused in the past. Of course, chocolate cheesecake is an age-old favorite. More inventive products include Wisconsin's Chocolate Cheese Fudge and a chocolate-infused cheese debuting just in time for Valentine's Day.

The flavor of chocolate-infused cheese has been described as "berry-like." We hope the same holds true for Meiji's white chocolate concoction.

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