Chocolate Covered Desserts (PHOTOS)

With a quick dip in chocolate, you can make a dessert out of anything.

Home cooks can be divided into two categories. There's the serious home cook, those who find pleasure in spending all day on one single recipe just because. Then there's the home cook who's a little less committal. Those who like to dabble in the kitchen, but aren't quite ready to devote any serious time. These chocolate-covered recipes are for the latter -- or of course, for those who just really like chocolate.

If you want to make a homemade dessert, but you don't feel like putting in any real effort, you can just melt some chocolate and dip something in it. It can be as easy as taking a piece of fruit, dunking it in melted chocolate and allowing it to cool. And it never gets more complicated than topping a banana with peanut butter and then getting it chocolate-covered.

In case you haven't quite realized the genius of these recipes (besides how ridiculously easy they are to make), you get to coat everything in chocolate. Pretty great, huh?

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Chocolate-Covered Foods