Chocolate-Covered Grapes: Why Haven't You Been Eating These?

They're healthy and, well, chocolate covered.

She's done it again. Molly Yeh of the food blog My Name is Yeh has shared yet another recipe that's made our jaws drop and our stomachs grumble. Lucky for our waistlines, this particular recipe also happens to be healthy because it's basically just grapes. Well, there's the chocolate that's covering them, too. They're chocolate-covered grapes with beautiful sprinkles on top, to be exact.

Molly Yeh

Yeh -- creator of one of the most beautiful funfetti cakes we've ever laid eyes on and master at reinventing the classic breakfast Eggs Benedict -- has made these beautiful chocolate-covered grapes and now it's all we can think about. Not only are they gorgeous, but they're addictive too. Molly describes them best as being "sort of weird in a gusher-y way, but really, really refreshing and yummy and extraordinarily fun to eat out of a cone." Why are they so refreshing? Because they've been frozen. It's our favorite '90s candy-fruit snack in an adult, chocolate form.

Enough talk, it's time to start melting some chocolate and freezing some grapes. Get the recipe here. You might want to consider making yourself a paper cone, too. Just to see what see's talking about.

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