Chocolate-Covered Jalapenos, Chocolate-Covered Sweet Peppers: Taste Test

Yes, folks. Chocolate-covered jalapenos are real. And they aren't a gimmick either. These treats come recommended from Esquire as "crisp, juicy, and a great way to make your mouth happy."

This odd yet rather gorgeous combination is not for the faint of heart. The jalapenos are very fresh (which helps explain their $60 price tag) and pack a serious kick. Despite the generous layer of chocolate (white, milk or dark), it's hard to call these a dessert. In fact, most tasters at HuffPost Food HQ were reaching for their water glasses afterwards. But if you love jalapenos and love chocolate, this really could be your new favorite food.

For those not as into spicy desserts, the Chocolate Covered company also offers chocolate-covered sweet peppers, which are strangely delicious. These peppers have no hint of spiciness in them and are a fun and weird snack. We'd totally serve 'em at a cocktail party. We wouldn't subject our guests to the jalapenos though -- one accidental eye rub later and we'd be throwing the worst party ever.