Our Best Chocolate Dessert Recipes

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! How can anyone resist? The smooth texture and the rich flavor makes this confection worthy of endless praise. The best part about chocolate is that it can be transformed into countless desserts, making it even more difficult for us chocoholics to choose our favorite way to enjoy it. Even if you're the type of person who feels a square of chocolate is enough to satisfy a fleeting craving, you'll find the following desserts to be irresistible.

This collection of recipes is our best gathering of desserts featuring the star of the show, chocolate. We have no problem praising chocolate with 28 different recipes! You'll find all the classic desserts you've known all along and a few unique versions that will make you see chocolate in a new light. Look for pies, tarts, cakes, mousses, macarons, cookies, brownies and more. All of these recipes take chocolate to the next level.

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