The Best Destinations In The World For Serious Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate is the best reason to renew your passport.

Getting on a plane to see someplace new isn't as simple as it used to be. First, there's the issue of limited vacation days. Second, there's the rising price of airfare. Third, there are always horridly long lines and delays at the airport. The hassle that is traveling almost doesn't seem worth it anymore. Unless of course, there's the promise of great chocolate at the end of the trip.

There are various reasons that people get up and go places -- family, work, Cronuts -- but the best reason is for chocolate. If you're already hip to this information, we've got a gift for you: an infographic that highlights the best places in the world to go for chocolate. Think of it as your new itinerary.

Everyone knows that Austria creates the most beautiful things out of chocolate. And it's no secret that the Belgians are experts at making the edible equivalent of heaven out of cocoa beans. But, the world is vast, my friends -- and Europe is not the only place that does chocolate well. New Zealand has an extreme chocolate drink worth writing home about. And Argentina mixes chocolate with dulce de leche. Get your passports ready, and discover the world of chocolate.


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