16 Reasons Chocolate Is Obviously Superior To Vanilla (GIFs)

It's practically science.

Some people think vanilla is better than chocolate. Those people are wrong. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, of course -- be it vodka or whisky, Pepsi or Coke -- but in the matter of chocolate vs. vanilla, there is one clear winner: Chocolate.

You can dip chocolate, melt chocolate and drizzle chocolate. You can drink it, bite into it, and fall head over heels for it. Chocolate can be good for you, too.

Perhaps most tellingly, when you search for GIFs about chocolate, you find stuff like this:


But when you search for "Vanilla GIFs", you find this:


Let's face it. Vanilla is synonymous with "boring," while chocolate evokes feelings of passion and pleasure.

Chocolate kicks vanilla's butt in too many ways to count. Here are a few of our favorites:

Why Chocolate Is Better Than Vanilla

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