Choire Sicha To Leave Gawker (Again); Emily Gould To Leave For The First Time

Gawker managing editor Choire Sicha and Gawker editor Emily Gould have given notice and will be leaving the blog at a date to be determined, Sicha confirmed to ETP this afternoon. Sicha said he does not yet have another job lined up and understands that Gould does not, either. He said that Gawker is currently searching for replacements.

This will be the second time Sicha has quit Gawker - the first occurred when he left to be a senior writer at the New York Observer, which he in turn left for Gawker in January of this year.

The duo's departure was reported in this post by Gould, who described hearing second-hand from n+1's Keith Gessen that Choire had told him he was leaving. That post is very,very long, so here's the germane part:

I took a phone call and when I got back, Choire had told Keith he was quitting Gawker.

"Yup, were quitting," I said.

Former Gawker co-editor Alex Balk and associate editor Doree Shafrir departed earlier this fall, for Radar and the Observer respectively, and were replaced by Alex Pareene and Maggie Shnayerson (also respectively).

Gawker makes it official. We'll still happily give him a hug.