10 Healthier Beers (And How To Choose The Right One)

10 Healthier Beers (And How To Choose The Right One)

By Jeremey DuVall

Feeling guilty about knocking a few back? It might be time to stop! Beer consumption has been shown to help protect against heart disease and lower the risk of hypertension with moderate consumption -- not all-night endeavors. As it turns out, all beers aren't created equal, so grabbing whichever tallboy is on special this week doesn't guarantee these health benefits. Here are a few that will.

A-Head Of The Game -- The Need-To-Know
Many of beer's benefits stem from natural antioxidants called phenols found in beer, wine and many other foods. Ales typically have a higher phenol concentration, which means they also pack more heart-protecting powers. While phenols do provide some health benefits, slamming a keg won't provide much more than a killer hangover. Stick with moderate alcohol consumption (one drink per day for women, and up to two for men) to get the health benefits without feeling down the next day.

To help you make healthier choices when indulging, we've created a list of our 10 favorite, healthier beers, including some old-time favorites and some interesting blends. (And don't worry -- we’ve got our gluten-free friends covered, too!)

Have a favorite healthier brew not listed here? Share with us in the comments below! Not a beer drinker? What other healthy cocktail (or mocktail!) do you sip on in the summertime?

Note: All nutrition facts are based on a 12-ounce serving unless otherwise noted.

Yuengling Light Lager

How To Choose A Healthier Beer

CORRECTION: This piece has been edited to make it clear that ales and lagers both range in color, but that darker varieties of both tend to have higher phenol concentrations.

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