Choose Your Business Adventure with The Startup Equation


I love being an entrepreneur. After starting two businesses and working with multiple startups, being an entrepreneur fits me perfectly. However, even as I live the life I love, I understand that not everyone feels like they have the freedom to make similar choices.

They want to build something, not just collect a paycheck. So along the way, I've made it my mission to help other people design the life they want to live. And for many, part of that design, part of that freedom, involves becoming an entrepreneur.

But I'm only one person, and I was curious if I could help more would-be entrepreneurs just waiting to break free. With the help of my fellow entrepreneur, partner in crime, and now husband, Steve, we decided more was possible. Following many late nights, hundreds of conversations, and a few bottles bottles of wine, we developed The Startup Equation.

This Friday, February 12, the physical thing you'll hold in your hands will look like a book, but The Startup Equation is so much more than words on a page. We believe it's a revolution that captures everything you need to know about startups from conception to execution. Designed as a visual guidebook, The Startup Equation helps you navigate abstract concepts and changing ecosystems. It's not just about the how, but also the why.

There are so many companies setting the example of how to build a business. Some of which have even taken the time to write a book on how they did it. But there's not one book that covers everything an entrepreneur needs to know.

We speak from experience. Between the two of us we've read (or at least glanced at) just about every book related to entrepreneurship and startups. Remember: we're entrepreneurs first and authors second. We were looking for our own answers to different startup issues. But despite our research, none of them offered a holistic approach to creating a business.

We felt discouraged, and we even know a bit about building a business. We also realized that if we were discourage, other entrepreneurs just starting their journey must feel completely lost.

That's when we committed to making The Startup Equation more than a book that sits on someone's shelf. Yes, we vowed to create a tool that would to help 1 million entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of starting a business by January 1, 2020.

That's a big goal, and we don't approach it lightly. That's why you'll see some big first-evers in The Startup Equation. Here's a peek at what to expect:

You can choose yo
  • ur own entrepreneurial adventure.
  • You can build a customized startup equation just for your business.
  • You can identify the type of entrepreneur you are the business you want to build.
  • You can see the landscape awaiting today's entrepreneurs and learn how to navigate it.

To help support the effort, we're offering an exclusive Startup Launch Kit for everyone who pre-orders a copy. For 18 weeks, you'll receive a weekly email with access to a new tool or resource to help you start reaching your dreams.

The kit is designed to help you understand and deal with the early-stage questions and tasks around starting a business. It takes the guesswork out of what you need to do first. And it's yours free if you pre-order The Startup Equation today and send us your order information here. You'll receive your first tool in your inbox as soon as we receive your info.

Do you believe in your gut that you have an idea that will change the world? Your adventure begins now. Pre-order The Startup Equation today.

A version of this post originally appeared at on December 1, 2015.

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